What is group therapy?

One of the biggest effects of domestic abuse is isolation. You are not alone.

In our small and informal support groups, around 8 women will meet weekly over 8 weeks. There will be an experienced facilitator and you will be able to:

  • listen to other women’s experiences and share your own (if you want to)
  • feel less alone and isolated
  • remind yourself of your strengths and start to rediscover them
  • be accepted for who you are, without judgement or discrimination
  • be encouraged to be positive and confident about yourself, your children and your relationships

In our support groups you will learn about coping mechanisms and about other services such as counselling, which may help, too.

The group therapy sessions last two hours, every week. To make sure you get the most out of the group, we ask you to commit to attending all the sessions. There is an option to return for a further 8 weeks, if you would like more support.

Before your first session, we will arrange a meeting with you so we can understand what it is you are going through and make sure we are giving you the type of help that you need.

The sessions are held in different locations across London, or via Zoom; with four morning groups and two evening groups.

Our support groups are open to all women living in London. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your circumstances.