For individuals

First of all, a big thank you for making a regular donation to us. For charities like us that rely on donations and grants, it helps to know that we have regular income to fund our work.

Your donation to us will be taken from your gross salary. It is paid before your Income Tax deductions but after your National Insurance Contributions have been taken. Why does this matter? It means that your donation goes further – while costing you less. For example, if you choose to donate £10 per month, you will actually only pay £8 if your Income Tax rate is 20%, or £6 if your rate is 40%. The rest is paid by HMRC.

Most companies have a Payroll Giving or Give as You Earn system in place as part of their employee benefits or corporate and social responsibility policies. It’s worth checking with your HR or Finance department first to see if something is already in place.

If your company doesn’t have a scheme like this, get in touch with our Fundraising Team and we’ll do our best to help.

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For companies

Thank you for making it easier for your employees to donate to us at Woman’s Trust.

As a charity, 100% of our work is funded through donations and grants. Therefore, regular donations are vital at helping us to support vulnerable women who have experienced domestic violence and domestic abuse.

To facilitate donations from your employees to Woman’s Trust you will need to use Payroll Giving or Give as You Earn. Your employees can donate directly to us from their (gross) salaries through these schemes, via your monthly payroll system.

If you don’t already have Payroll Giving or Give as You Earn in place, click below to go to the relevant site and find out more. That way you can decide which is the best option for you. (These pages will open in a new window.)

Go to Payroll GivingGo to Give as You Earn

Thank you for your support