Woman’s Trust announces collaboration with global artist and London gallery for No More Week

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poster promoting the No More Manfiesto event at SAAS Gallery


No More Manifesto – Your invitation to take part in an empowering art experience

Woman’s Trust is delighted to announce our involvement in a new project with international artist, film maker and actress, Frederique Feder; and independent London art space SAAS Gallery.

Curated by Lukas Kroulik, the art installation coincides with No More Week – a global initiative to eradicate domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The project was inspired by Frederique’s late mother. As a child, Frederique witnessed the domestic abuse her mother experienced. And she was there when her mother was told to literally  ‘pack a bag and leave’ (with Frederique). This left a lasting impression on Frederique, about how her mum had to pack her whole life into that one bag and start over: an experience she recognises will resonate with many women still today.

It also got Frederique thinking about how people internalise all of the experiences and emotions they are going, or have been through, and carry them around with them on a daily basis. And it is this concept that the art installation explores.

The event launches on 5 March, just ahead of International Women’s Day.

More details will be revealed over the coming weeks about the part exhibition; part immersive experience, which has a limited run at SAAS Gallery (111 Cheyne Walk, London SW10 0DJ) until 26 March.

For further information, contact trustee@womanstrust.org.uk