Urgent fundraising appeal

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gabrielle henderson ZyhjHpICm0E unsplash Urgent fundraising appeal

We have launched an urgent funding appeal.

Domestic abuse has a significant impact on mental health. Over 60% of survivors experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and it’s the single biggest cause of depression in UK women. Sadly, more than 20% of women who experience domestic abuse will attempt suicide to escape their trauma.

With reports of increasing domestic violence during the lockdown, there’s even greater need for the mental healthcare we provide for survivors. However, we are currently facing a funding shortfall. This could affect our ability to continue providing free and specialist counselling and therapy once the lockdown restrictions are eased.

We expect even more demand for our services

Our services are literally a lifeline for so many women who have experienced domestic abuse. The lockdown hasn’t changed this. If anything, we are experiencing more calls from women for whom the situation is bringing back painful memories of past abuse.

We were already working at full capacity before the Covid-19 lockdown. We now expect to see significant and urgent demand as women struggle to cope with the increased frequency and severity of domestic abuse.

Make a donation today, so we can support survivors together

We are a small, specialist charity working in a niche area of mental health and domestic abuse. This can make it difficult to attract funding. Some of our corporate donors have warned us that we may not receive donations this year. And many of the things our fantastic supporters do to raise money for us aren’t possible right now.

We urgently need your help. Otherwise, women who need support may not be able to access our services.

Please donate if you can. Or, why not take a look at some of our #stayhome fundraising ideas.



*We have updated this appeal since it was first published.